Math / by Karen Jackson

OK…so I HATE math….to me it’s a foreign language that makes no sense at all.  So when I was given the challenge by a beautiful young lady to come up with a surreal photo using math, my response was “Math, you mean like 2 + 2 math?  Now talk about a challenge….math really, what was I suppose to do with that?  But after many conversation and much thought we come up with what I think is a great surreal photo.  I’m sure as all images it will have a different meaning for each person but for me it shows the crazy state I get into anytime I have to do any type of math.  Thanks Mia for a great suggestion! I also want to thank John Alexander for getting us permission to use the old school house and for helping with wind and number effects.  Also thanks to my husband Steve who without him many of these images wouldn’t happen!  Check out the final surreal image!