Haunt World by Karen Jackson

Not one but two magazine covers...how exciting is that! Our images from photography work at Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park in Smithville, Texas opening this fall 2015 has paid off. Haunt World Magazine and Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine will be featuring our images on their covers.  Make sure to visit Scream Hollow this fall.....http://www.screamhollow.com/

Math by Karen Jackson

OK…so I HATE math….to me it’s a foreign language that makes no sense at all.  So when I was given the challenge by a beautiful young lady to come up with a surreal photo using math, my response was “Math, you mean like 2 + 2 math?  Now talk about a challenge….math really, what was I suppose to do with that?  But after many conversation and much thought we come up with what I think is a great surreal photo.  I’m sure as all images it will have a different meaning for each person but for me it shows the crazy state I get into anytime I have to do any type of math.  Thanks Mia for a great suggestion! I also want to thank John Alexander for getting us permission to use the old school house and for helping with wind and number effects.  Also thanks to my husband Steve who without him many of these images wouldn’t happen!  Check out the final surreal image!

Bird by Karen Jackson

I love photographing someone who is willing to try anything and is up for a challenge. The beautiful young lady I photographed today was without a doubt ready for anything we threw at her. With the help of a good friend Flora Simmons our model was in a dress covered entirely in feathers.  The necklace was designed by Celia Mercer owner of Dillo Designs Handcrafted Jewelry who's work can be found on Etsy. Yes, if you look close our model is in fact up on the roof of a house, she looks a little nervous but ...why not that's where the birds can be found. 

Buster and Balloons by Karen Jackson

It's always fun when you work with someone who is willing to try anything you throw at them and really gets into the moment.

Buster was without a doubt a great example....we spent a lot of time laughing as we took shots to be used in his surreal photo.

Thanks Buster for a great time!  Go out today and create your own adventure - take some friends along and make sure to take pictures.


Air Force by Karen Jackson

Another fun day of photographing and trying new things.....smoke bombs were on the menu for the day.  We wanted to try and get a war like atmosphere for the photo and with cooperation from the San Marcos air field we had great success....Addison was fantastic....running back and forth to try and beat the smoke!  What new thing are you going to try today or maybe if not today tomorrow?

Tornado by Karen Jackson

What an interesting photography day.....wanted to stretch the limits of what can be done. So today we wanted to see how dirt would blow around to help create tornado effect inside grain silo... our gracious model wore goggles and dust mask as we blew dirt all around with leaf blower.  We want to thank the Bastrop Art Guild for access to the silo.  I'm so fortunate to live in a small town were people get excited about what you are invested in and are so willing to help.