This is what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again, and again, and again. Let me prove it to you.
— Walt Disney

My name is Karen Jackson. I live in beautiful Bastrop, Texas with my husband Steve. We've both worn the role of photographer with our children and family capturing  memories and moments.  We've watched as the use of social media has changed playing a daily role in our lives...... Facebook, Instagram, and many other resources provide for unlimited opportunities to photograph everything. We still believe that the art of photography is sharing experiences and moments that can't be quickly attained with a simple cell phone. 

We believe that everyone has obstacles they must overcome: age, illness, self-esteem, the list is limitless.  However, there is an inner strength in all individuals despite these obstacles. We want to take photographs that result in beautiful images of experiences or difficulties showing the strength of an individual, to allow the viewer to look deep within oneself and make a connection with their own strengths.  We use real world locations and props to create backdrops into surreal places that produce both negative and positive emotional reactions for viewers.  Some images are quiet while others almost create a frenzy for the observer. 
The final edited images are nothing like the images taken in camera.  Compositing, editing, textures and tonal changes all aid to create surreal painterly portrait forms of art.  We hope that viewers will question the “why” and “what” regarding images to create dialogue among others who interpret the images differently.

Exhibitions:                                                                                                  Art for the People Gallery, Austin, Texas: July – October 2017                       Precision Camera, Austin, Texas: October – December 2017 Lost Pine Art Center, Bastrop, Texas: March - April 2019 Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado: August 2019 Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont: ongoing (online gallery) 2019 Austin Prosthetic Center, Austin, Texas: 2017 -ongoing

Publications:                                                                                            Bevie Magazine – “Unbroken Issue” December 2017                               Stubborn Magazine – “The Midnight Magic Issue” July 2017              Stubborn Magazine – “The Colorful Issue” June 2017 Dobally Magazine - April 2019 Issue Dark Beauty Magazine - April 2019 Issue

Commissions:                                                                                              ShenLife

Purchasing:                                                                                            Images are available as 17” x 17” limited edition, signed, and numbered giclee on fine art paper. Prices of prints are $395 and are subject to change. Prints are not framed or mounted. Fifty percent of all proceeds go directly to the following organizations for the betterment of the subjects featured in the photographs. 

- Austin Prosthetic Center, restoration of limb function for amputees     - Comfort Café; recovering addicts and alcoholics




Photo taken by great friend and photographer Buster Jetter - www.jetterphoto.com